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Warning: Crap Art Ahead
Yaye! :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:


Projects For Others (Commissions, Requests, Gifts):

1. :iconwolf-yuuki: [Not Paid] (Sketching) [NOT SHOWN]
2. :iconmadhatterkyoko: [Not Paid] (Inking) [APPROVED]
3. :icontatsunokoisthebest: [Paid] (Sketching) [NOT SHOWN]
4. :iconcheeb: [Not Paid] (Sketching) [NOT SHOWN]
5. :iconraichi77: [Not Paid] (No commission given yet)
6. :iconyerblues000: [Not Paid] (Planning) [NOT SHOWN]

:bulletorange: :iconsparkyhero: (Detective Conan) Sketching
:bulletyellow: :iconumiki-sama: (OC) Planning
:bulletgreen: :iconotargos: (AzuManga Daioh) Inking
:bulletblue: :icondarkwarrior: (Tahiri Veila SW) Planning
:bulletpurple: :icondrummingoni: (Honua drum) Colouring
:bulletpink: :iconfreetzo: (Tickling games) Planning

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Doujinshi/Manga Uploads
New Chalk Dust - Chapter 1 - Reworking!!
***Megaman: Bass Story - Chapter 2 (beginning)
Jon's Daily Life - Season 1 (hiatus)

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Head Shot/Bust
Head/Bust of a character of your choice (specific bg/multiple characters cost extra)
Waist Up
Waist up of your character of choice in full colour (specific bg/multiple characters = more)
Full Body
Full body commission of one character, full colour. (Extra character/specific bg is extra)

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Kurumi-Lover's Profile Picture
Jonathan Castleman
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! I am a subtitler at FUNimation Entertainment, and a former Cast Member from Disney Store #880, Stonebriar location! I'm a freelance artist who specializes in anime-styled art. I like to talk, so feel free to chat with me!

My Anime News Network page:…


Name: Jonathan
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Ethnicity: Filipino/White
Orientation: ホモ
Special Skills: Hating self, sleeping
Interests: Pachinko, Drawing, Anime, Magical Girls
Weapon of Choice: Intuos 5 Touch, Manga Studio, Photoshop CS5

deviantArtists I'm friends with in real life: :iconbellesangmorte::iconlittleramyun::icongamervail::icontsukixmizu09::iconlemguin::iconchibibritt::iconmaioceaneyes::iconsake-bento::iconzelgreywards::iconchidori-miyama::iconluvsillyllama::iconformerroadie::iconstikywikit::iconoorr::iconrockinrobin::iconburromorado::iconinujakkaru::iconlederhozen::iconsammifroot:

You can also find me at:

Current Residence: Lewisville, TX
Favourite genre of music: J-pop, Techno, Pop, Classic Rock, Oldies
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic/iPhone 6s
Wallpaper of choice: Steel Angel Kurumi
Favourite cartoon character: Kurumi Koutetsu, Honey Kisaragi/Cutie Honey
Personal Quote: Dreams sometimes get confused with reality, however, reality exists to confuse the dreamers.
Wow, holy junk. I haven't typed up a journal entry since January of last year. Remember all those empty promises of being able to draw again? I'm not even gonna front anymore; I will try to draw when I can. Honestly, I think I may have honestly drawn more this year already than 2016 and 2015 combined. Trust me; there's a lot of pictures coming. Gotta catch up on commissions though.

Well, anywho, I turned 28 on May 17.

It's weird to think that I'm this age; I still feel like I'm between the ages of 14-19 or so. Which is obviously wrong because I started using deviantART in 2008 at the age of 19 (even though I had the account for 2 years before that hahaha). It's crazy.
Anywho, this year, for my own birthday, I decided to go out of my way to finally purchase two items I've been after for YEARS.
First off, I bought the Cutey Honey Flash game for the Sega Pico system! I had been after this game since 2009, dude; it's been a good long 8 years trying to get ahold of it, but I finally did it:
CuteyHoneyFlashPico by Kurumi-Lover
I was so happy! But, as the collector I am, I couldn't stop there... After listening to my friends/co-workers encourage me for a bit and then getting the go-for-it from my significant other, I went after the 2005 Cutie Honey pachinko machine (If you weren't aware, I also collect pachinko machines). I had been after this machine since 2011 when I first got into pachinko, and I even had a chance when I paid for one, but then the man I attempted to buy it off of REALIZED 2 WEEKS LATER he had already sold it previously. And this machine was HARD TO FIND. So, when someone said he was selling his entire collection including this machine, it was obviously a long time coming. I drove a total of 3,740 miles on a total of 12 hours of sleep over the range of 4 days to pick it up. I only could afford it because I had sold my Eureka 7 pachinko machine 3 weeks earlier:
Honeypachi1 by Kurumi-LoverHoneypachi2 by Kurumi-LoverHoneypachi3 by Kurumi-Lover
One of the best purchases of my life. I finally feel a sense of accomplishment. But there's so much more Honey stuff I wanna be able to buy one day argh. They JUST announced a new Cutie Honey pachinko machine this year based of Re:Cutie Honey (the one I purchased was based off the original 1973 manga (and you can see all of its glory on the 20 inch screen in the machine), and while I prefer the older Honey due to how weak and stupid newer Honey tends to be, the 2005 machine doesn't have any animatronics like the new machine does which I LOVE in pachinko) and I have to get my hands on it ASAP--after I can get my hands on the Persona 4 The Pachinko or The Slot (or both).

Today (May 26, 2017) marks my 2nd anniversary at Funimation Entertainment.

Still really crazy I got hired, and I've been insanely busy since about 2 months in. Now, not as much as last year (where I was working on average 55 hours a week which is why I wasn't drawing much at all), but it's still been pretty busy. I've been making a conscious effort to draw art and work on commissions still, so please bear with me. I really appreciate all of your guys' patience~! Thanks so much for not only watching me, but also dealing with me ; o ;

Anywho, I haven't really made any posts about it, so I'm gonna try to give a short history.
For starters, I think I probably moved around spaces more than anyone else in the entire company, honestly. In May of 2015, I originally started out at a makeshift desk under a Burst Angel poster before I was moved to another desk under a Trunks (from DBZ) poster in July of 2015. Around October of the same year, I then ended up moving to my own cubicle before I got an office in June of '16. And all of my work spaces have been CLUTTERED AF:
                        DESK 1:                                                                DESK 2:                 
Desk1 by Kurumi-LoverDesk2 by Kurumi-Lover
Desk3 by Kurumi-Lover
                                OFFICE:                                                        NAMEPLATE:
Desk4 by Kurumi-LoverNametag by Kurumi-Lover
The Danganronpa art on my nametag made me so happy because I didn't even request one, so they didn't even know I'm a crazy fan of the games. It's been a crazy ride. After half a year, I was really excited when I found out that I had an Anime News Network page, and was even recently linked an imdb page for me by a co-worker that I didn't know I had either? One of the reasons I was so desperate to draw art as a younger person was that I wanted to leave behind something in the world that would prove that I existed at one point. As dumb as it is, finding out I had these pages and credits that show my name within them brings a sort of ease to my mind that I was finally able to leave behind a little something.
If you're interested in the list of stuff I've been credited working in as of now, check out my ANN page here.

But yeah. I'm kinda getting excited to go into my 30's, and I'm hoping that I can continue to work at Funimation for as long as I can. I do have to move sometime soon since my landlord raised my rent by 260 dollars, knocking my rent up to 1400 a month. My apt is only 1230 sq ft, 2 bedroom-2 bath, with a garage, and so I feel it's time to move into a house (which is why I opened emergency commissions to make sure I can make rent as well as save up money so I can move out and maybe rent a house instead. Other personal stuff includes the fact that I'm about to hit 4 years with my significant other, which is the longest relationship I've been in to date (my previous bf only lasted 6 months HA).

Idk. I'm not sure what else to write about. Just wanted to kinda update, and address 2 and a half major things in my life (the fact I'm almost at 4 years in a relationship feels like a side-mention that I'm gonna count it only as a half).

Well, if you have any questions or whatever, just lemme know? Hoping to be around more often here to interact with y'all.
Aiite see ya 'round.
  • Listening to: Game Grumps play Pokemon FireRed
  • Reading: Speed Racer (Mach GoGoGo) manga
  • Watching: Game Grumps play Pokemon FireRed
  • Playing: Sailor Moon Drops
  • Eating: Lasagna
  • Drinking: Sam's Choice apple juice


Party Ideas(?): Ramen 1/2 Party
Um, you have a Ranma 1/2 viewing party, but instead of normal party foods you eat ramen inspired by, like, Shampoo or some shit, idk. But you only get half a bowl of ramen, and the broth is either hot or cold. And you spin like a wheel to figure out if you get hot ramen to be Male Ranma, or cold ramen to be Female Ranma. Then, the two factions have to compete against each other in a board game or something. Only the host gets to be Ryoga because he's best boy.
Again, apologies for being super busy irl and being away from the 'net/unable to draw the last couple of weeks. I have been working on answering notes again, and--no joke--I'm gonna dedicate free time this week to drawing/responding to people because... I mean:Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.44.27 PM by Kurumi-Lover
I'm gonna try my hardest to interact with you guys again and get those numbers down ; n ;
Sorry I was gone for a hot minute due to being busy last week and all this weekend; I'm still working on answer all comments and replies and stuff, but I have 3500 messages to get through still hhhhh
Gonna try to get some more art up at some point this week.
So, uh, last night, I caught a baby bat--
Bat by Kurumi-Lover
Found this really old picture I started back in 2011 and it's super ugly and embarrassing, but proof that I waited 6 years to finally draw a Higurashi fan art ; o ;

Higurashi by Kurumi-Lover

Best Rhythm game GO: 

31 deviants said Dance Dance Revolution
18 deviants said Guitar Hero
17 deviants said Other (comment, please!)
8 deviants said Parappa the Rapper/Um Jammer Lammy
5 deviants said Elite Beat Agents/Osu!
4 deviants said Rockband
2 deviants said Space Channel 5
1 deviant said DJ Hero
1 deviant said Samba de Amigo
No deviants said Beatmania


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